earth.05 | ELDER - s/t LP (orange/red swirl)


Crushing and destroying everything in its path comes this album of these psychedelic doomers.
This is the vinyl version of their highly acclaimed debut full length album released earlier this year by MeteorCity. The artwork is re-coloured and the album is re-mastered for vinyl cutting by Mell Detmer (Sleep, Earth, Boris,…) Comes in a heavy gatefold sleeve and pressed on 180 gr heavy vinyl. A run of 500 copies of which 100 with an orange/red swirl effect.


“Some people consider them similar to Sleep, but they're like if Pike and Co. took a detour after Holy Mountain into faster and more progressive material instead of smoking themselves into another dimension and writing Jerusalem/Dopesmoker. Sleep were quite young when they learned to channel that kind of vibe, Elder are the youth as well, is there some sort of an unspoken connection, a channeling of sorts?

Doesn't matter, they stand on their own, just steady and pounding and churning out classic riff after classic riff layered with echoed vocals."


- dinger007 (


earth.04 | COUGH - Sigillum Luciferi 2LP


Cough is a three man army from Richmond US that plays ultra heavy and monstrously slow doom with a groove.

Double heavy vinyl that comes in a gatefold sleeve with dark atmospheric artwork.
It’s a co-release with Forcefield (US) and Feast of Tentacles (UK) which means that every label only has a limited stock available of the total pressing of 500.



"This is what rock and fucking roll is supposed to be. It's dark, mysterious, heavy, and full of smoke. Full of thick riffs and brilliantly minimal drums, Cough displays a very well researched knowledge of the fundamentals of heavy music. They walk the line between rock and metal, successfully, which is very hard to do, even with a massive stack of amps. The distorted vocals will send a slight chill down your spine, but it's OK, because they'll also take you on a magic drag race ride."


- Ian Graham (


EARTH.03 | SARDONIS - s/t 7" 


Two man army that plays heavy instrumentals only using 6 strings and 4 skins. Started in the summer of 6, recorded a demo in February of this year and this 4 song EP in April wich is the first official release of the band. SardoniS is currently working on it’s debut full length wich will be released by Electric Earth in the fall of 2009.

200 black copies
50 white copies


EARTH.02 | ETERNAL ELYSIUM - Mysterious Views in Stone Garden 10" 


Heavy rock band from Nagoya Japan, deeply influenced by 70's rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad,… and classic doomrock bands like Black Sabbath Saint Vitus, Pentagram,… This band is around since 1991 and has released several albums and played countless shows around the globe.


This 10" has the songs of the split with Black Cobra + a new recorded piece of psychedelic heaviness recorded in February 2008.

As a bonus, their's a fullcolour poster (50cm x 70cm) of the band anno 2008

400 black copies (available)
100 blue copies (sold out)


EARTH.01 | BLACK PYRAMID - s/t 7" 


Three man army from Massachusetts formed by veterans of a thousand psychic wars with a mutual desire to pummel the universe with their arcane sonic assault, containing ex-members of Artimus Pyledriver, Palace in Thunderland and Black Fucking Doom. This band brings the doom with an emphasis on the big blues of Sabbath, Sleep and Earthride.


This 7" is the first official release and contains a re-recorded version of 'Visions of Gehenna', wich was the opener for their 2007 demo. Side B hosts a new epic song 'Caravan'.

Mastered by Matt Washburn (Mastodon,...) / Artwork by D.:.SROKA

400 black copies (available)
100 white copies (sold out)


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