Dating for Musicians and Introverts

Life can be difficult for introverts, and statistics show that musicians, writers, and other creative types have a higher tendency to be introverted. If you are someone who has introverted tendencies, I encourage you to use the various tools available today to help you meet someone you will be compatible with. One such tool is online dating, which I will discuss today.


Some of the advantages of online dating are immediately obvious. For example, if you join a large dating site such as, you will instantly have access to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of single individuals living within driving distance. Even if you went out every single night, you would never meet that many single people in a given year. What's more you have many powerful tools at your disposal. One such tool is the ability to search and filter your results. So you can just view matches of a certain height, a certain religion, or just about any other criterion you may choose. I particularly really like the search features on because they allow you to get pretty specific about what you're searching for.




But the feature of online dating that is most helpful for introverts, I believe, is the fact that communicating with other single people is a lot easier to do. Because of social inhibitions, many introverted types may have trouble approaching women in many circumstances in the real world. But online, sending a message is a much easier task to carry out, with very few social barriers. By being able to message someone as the first form of communication, I believe online dating sites like make it a lot easier for introverted people to come out of their shell.


I recommend that people start with, since it's a good, standard dating site that will give you a great introduction to online dating. offers a 3-day free trial that you can use to test all the features of the site without any limits. If you find that you want a bit more handholding and some help finding compatible matches, eHarmony is another great site to consider. The good thing about eHarmony is that they will find matches for you using a proprietary system. This takes some pressure off your hands, since all you need to do is review your matches instead of having to find them yourself.


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