Why Every Business Should Be Using Deluxe


If you run a business, one thing you must be keenly aware of is that most people who come into contact with your business will notice 2 things almost immediately.


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1. The name of your business.
Hopefully you chose the name carefully. If you have yet to choose one, make sure it is a distinctive name that is easy to remember, but nothing too weird or unusual.


2. The logo of your business.
This is where many people fail. They either don't have a logo or use one that is bland and unimpressive. While it can be costly to have a professional logo developed, this is almost always money well-spent. A striking logo will do much to create a good first impression for your business.


Now, let's talk a bit about how to get these two things squared away. First things first, if you have yet to establish your business, you need to choose your name. Then, you need to make sure nobody else in your state is already using this name for a business. In most cases, you'll need to check with the secretary of state's office by doing something called a "name search." This can be done online in most states, and you will know instantly whether the name you want is available. If it is, you can then use that name for your corporation, LLC, or whatever other entity you choose to use for your business.


You'll need to know the name of your business before you even begin to think about a logo. You have many options for getting a logo made. The cheapest option is to use an online designer. Higher end options are to hire a B2B company such as Deluxe Checks to create a more professional logo. A good logo from a well-respected company like Deluxe will typically cost you around 500 dollars, but if you use Deluxe coupon code from sites like Freebiebulletin.com, your costs can be brought down by a significant percentage.


While we're talking about Deluxe, I should also mention that you can buy checks from them with your logo on them as well. This is not always necessary but if you issue a lot of checks, it can be a good way to reinforce your company's logo and brand identity.


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